How to make your own blouse pattern

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how to make your own blouse pattern

How To Make Blouse Patterns That Fit Perfectly: Illustrated Step-By-Step Guide for Easy Pattern Making by Sarah Doyle

Buying or making clothes can be very stressful and difficult. Sometimes there is literally NO standard size that fits properly. The clothes end up too big here, too small there, darts too high or too low, shoulders just don’t fit right, and so on. Pattern making is the answer to the problem! Why make patterns? The answer is very simple – you will be using your own measurements or the measurements of the person you are wanting to sew for, therefore all the garments you make will fit those particular measurements.This book begins by covering the basics of pattern making – how to take the measurements, then using those measurements to make the original bodice pieces, how to make collars, sleeves and various necklines you can use to make an entire wardrobe of blouses and shirts. We will give you a wide variety of blouse styles; however once you learn and practice the basics, you will be able to draw patterns that you see in pattern books, clothing in department stores or an item of clothing that you want to design for yourself.
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Pattern Drafting for Beginners – Easy Basic Bodice Block • Elewa

patternmaking: how to draft a basic blouse pattern from a blouse

Front neck depth can be taken as per the above table, Back depth depends on your preference. This is the bust line. E-G is marked on this line. You can learn more on marking the armscye and correct way of drafting armhole measurements here. Another measurement for armhole line is to calculate it by the bust round. Ie if my bust is 36 inches, that divided by 4 is 9. Add 1 inch seam allowance along G-P-M.

A journey into our design process, sewing tutorials, fashion tips, and all the inspiring people and things we love. A designer by trade and dressmaker at heart. I spend most of my days obsessing over new fabrics and daydreaming new ideas. RSS Feed. Satisfy that lifelong passion.. The idea of drafting your own patterns can feel pretty intimidating.

A bodice top is something which you can alter to any style you want. Let your creativity run riot altering this pattern to what you want it to be. Make neckline patterns , yoke patterns and sleeve patterns and design your own clothes — keep in mind the different types of 12 basic dress silhouettes , 10 types of waistlines and 9 types of skirt lengths. More dress patterns. Easy Kimono Cardigan Pattern. Turn scarves to tops — 2 DIY Scarf outfits.

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I love making blouses for myself and I often share them here with only a partial tutorial. This basic blouse is the basis for all of my loose fitting blouses. I love the silhouette and love that these look really cute belted, too! You really only need to trace the top curve, which is the tricky part. You can make the sleeve as long or as short as you want. The only thing left is facings. Your very own blouse pattern made for you!

A basic blouse - one that is, essentially, your blouse block pattern - doesn't have to be boring. Made in a stunning fabric with beautiful buttons, it's a simple statement that can dress up a pair of jeans or your favorite skirt. You can add a collar, change the sleeves, even change the body style as you prefer - but a simple blouse with a straight sleeve and no collar is a wear-with-anything, go-to top. This is a style that can let your trim or buttons shine - literally! Jewel-like crystals or metal buttons could be the star of this style. Or, choose an interesting print and let it be the focal point - no fussy details to detract from the patterns and colors. This page shows you how to create a blouse using your basic bodice and skirt blocks.

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