How do you use obstinate in a sentence

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how do you use obstinate in a sentence The eponymous writing implement in this humorous picture-book refuses to write what the people holding it intend, penning what it chooses instead. Whether that be an insulting observation about the writer or a helpful hint about kissing someone (rather than writing them a ticket!), the pen remains obstinate, until it falls into the hands of young Horace. That young boy, choosing to do something entirely different with the pen, uses it to draw, and the pen complies...I got quite a chuckle out of the pens mischievous insults in Frank Dormers The Obstinate Pen, and I would imagine that young listeners will likewise find it amusing. The artwork (watercolor, I think?) is appealing, highlighting the sardonic humor of the tale in a way that justifies the Quentin Blake comparison made by the reviewer in The Horn Book magazine. Recommended to anyone looking for entertaining and amusing picture-books, especially those that address issues of expression, whether literary or artistic..

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