Meaning of diaspora in english literature

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meaning of diaspora in english literature The 1979 Revolution in Iran caused the migration of millions of Iranians, many of whom wrote of, and are still writing of, their experiences. Sanaz Fotouhi here traces the origins of the emerging body of diasporic Iranian literature in English, and uses these origins to examine the socio-political position and historical context from which they emerged. While situating this body of work through existing theories such as postcolonialism, Fotouhi sheds new light on the role of Iranian literature and culture in Western literature by showing that these writings distinctively reflect a diasporic experience unique to Iranians.

Alice munro my best stories

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alice munro my best stories This is the muscle car history to own—a richly illustrated chronicle of Americas greatest high-performance cars, told from their 1960s beginning through the present day!In the 1960s, three incendiary ingredients--developing V-8 engine technology, a culture consumed by the need for speed, and 75 million baby boomers entering the auto market—exploded in the form of the factory muscle car. The resulting vehicles, brutal machines unlike any the world had seen before or will ever see again, defined the sex, drugs, and rock n roll generation.American Muscle Cars chronicles this tumultuous period of American history through the primary tool Americans use to define themselves: their automobiles. From the street-racing hot rod culture that emerged following World War II through the new breed of muscle cars still emerging from Detroit today, this book brings to life the history of the American muscle car.When Pontiacs chief engineer, John Z. DeLorean, and his team bolted a big-inch engine into the divisions intermediate chassis, they immediately invented the classic muscle car.

Lady picks up baby rattlesnake

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lady picks up baby rattlesnake Baby Rattlesnake longs for a rattle in this retelling of a Native American folktale, refusing to be comforted by the assurances of his parents, his siblings, and the Rattlesnake People that he will grow into one. Finally, fed up with his constant crying, his people give him what he wants, but his irresponsible use of the rattle leads to disaster...Based upon an oral telling of this tale done by Chickesaw actress and storyteller Te Ata, Lynn Moroneys adaptation is a cautionary tale about the dangers of possessing abilities for which one is not ready. The illustrations by Mira Reisberg are colorful, and rather cartoon-like.

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