How to pass organic chemistry

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how to pass organic chemistry

Shelton Bank (Author of 1001 Ways to Pass Organic Chemistry 2e)

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Published 09.04.2019

How To Get an A In Organic Chemistry

How John Pulled Up His Organic Chemistry Exam Grades

But, a major epiphany the successful Orgo students must have is; there is no upper hand any professor has over their students. The materials and principles of Orgo 1 have not changed in over 50 years! So what makes them so hard? Here are a few categories of professor behavior and advice on how to meet or beat their course! Some will use hand-written notes, a chalk-talk where they do more erasing than writing, or a PowerPoint with figures straight out of the text book but no notes. Most of these teaching tools are not very useful for the confused Orgo student, because it causes more confusion than it clears up. This leads to frustration and makes the student fall further behind.

Problem Solving In Organic Chemistry. I asked him through email to explain the study techniques he used in a little more detail. I got your e-mail about figuring out how to make O. Chem easier. I think its all about the process and then putting the time.

Organic Chemistry has a nasty reputation it's not uncommon for students to hear horror stories about the class's difficulty before they have a chance to take it themselves. While the class can be a challenging one, "O Chem" isn't the nightmare it's often cracked up to be. There is less information to memorize but more processes to understand, so an understanding of the fundamentals and a good study regimen are key to getting a passing grade. To pass organic chemistry, focus on understanding the basic principles behind the most common reactions, since most reactions follow one of just a few patterns. Additionally, see if you can get a molecular model set, or find an online molecule modeling program, then use it to help you visualize and solve problems. You might also want to consider forming a study group with classmates, who can help answer your questions and help you solidify your own knowledge as you answer theirs.

A Molecular Modeling Kit

The key to success in organic chemistry is to practice what you've learned in class by working problems outside of class. The three most important things to do to prepare for an exam and the best use of your time are:. Luckily, there are literally hundreds of problems for you to work through in preparation for each exam AND you have a Solutions Manual so you can check your work. The only reason you should be attempting the problems on the sample exams is because you've already done EVERY problem in the textbook TWICE and you're so bored that you're looking for something new to do. In that case, working on the sample exam and comparing answers with the rest of your study group might be a nice way to pass the time. If you go ahead and work on the exams anyway and bring them to office hours, I will NOT "grade" them for you or tell you if you got the problem right your study group might be more helpful in that regard.

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