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sal rachele books free download

Soul Integration by Sal Rachele

You have heard about the new Golden Age on Earth. However, this does not just happen. It is up to each one of us to make it happen, by healing and transforming our lives through Soul Integration. Soul Integration is about aligning all parts of ourselves into a cohesive whole. We then become all-powerful, all-wise and all-loving. We then fulfill the promises of the mystics and seers of all ages. This book show you step by step how to access this all-powerful self. Topics include healing the six lower bodies, transcending karma, contacting your soul family in the higher realms, how to reach enlightenment, and how to bring enlightenment down to Earth.
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Published 25.03.2019

Beyond Politics to the Great Awakening

Sal's message hasn't changed and his prediction of being a key turning point..
Sal Rachele

Soul Integration

Regarding the predictions, this book confirms what was hinted at in Sal's last book , that nothing major would happen until after the comet flyby on May 5, that causes another ascension boost and a major upheaval in world economies. On December 21, the Earth reached a 4. By mid the Earth reached a vibration of 4. In Sal's last book he had stated a person needed to be within 1. Since Sal's last book, the average vibration of humanity has increased from 3. So the situation has reversed from most people being within the 0. This means that in the coming years more people will be dying such that by deaths will exceed births and the world population will begin declining.

Working with several groups of spirit guides, he has collaboratively developed innovative healing modalities including Timeline Healing. Sal conducts workshops and seminars in over 20 countries worldwide, including certification training courses in Timeline Healing, Soul Integration events, and various intensives on related subjects. For more information on Sal, contact him at www. Are you tired of the same old stuff S. Have you heard enough about the new age? Do you long for something fresh and exciting?

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Messages from the Founders Received by Sal Rachele. If you are not already familiar with the Founders, let me give them a proper introduction. Several years ago during meditation I began to be visited by huge blue-white beings of pure light. They are not humanoid, but resemble stars or balls of light. They informed me that they only come to Earth during the transition period just prior to and following the major cosmic cycles. In these messages, they go into great detail regarding the cycles when they occur, how they occur and even why they occur.

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