Stave 4 a christmas carol analysis

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stave 4 a christmas carol analysis

The Old Curiosity Club - A Christmas Carol: A Christmas Carol Stave Four Showing 1-36 of 36

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A Christmas Carol: Stave 4 Analysis [1/3] (English Literature)

Stave 4 Notes from A Christmas Carol

All rights reserved. The Last of the Spirits The phantom doesn't talk, but just points out with its hand. This is definitely really spooky, but instead of getting really terrified, Scrooge turns into that kid with his hand raised straining to get called on in class. Immediately they are in the city, overhearing a convo between a few business dudes. Seems like someone is dead that neither of them cares about, and they are kind of laughing about how hard it'll be to gather up people for the funeral. Wonder who is dead.

Stave Four: The Last of the Spirits

The phantom, a menacing figure clad in a black hooded robe, approaches Scrooge. Scrooge involuntarily kneels before him and asks if he is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. The phantom does not answer, and Scrooge squirms in terror. Still reeling from the revelatory experiences with the last two spirits, Scrooge pleads with the ghost to share his lesson, hopeful that he may avoid the fate of his deceased partner. The ghost takes Scrooge to a series of strange places: the London Stock Exchange, where a group of businessmen discuss the death of a rich man; a dingy pawn shop in a London slum, where a group of vagabonds and shady characters sell some personal effects stolen from a dead man; the dinner table of a poor family, where a husba nd and wife express relief at the death of an unforgiving man to whom they owed money; and the Cratchit household, where the family struggles to cope with the death of Tiny Tim.

It responds to Scrooge's questions with silence and motions for him to follow. They instantly appear in the city and listen in on some businessmen who casually and jokingly discuss someone's death. Scrooge wonders why the Ghost is showing him these conversations and what bearing they have on his future self. However, he does not see himself among the crowds. Scrooge and the Ghost travel through a poor, run-down part of town.

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  1. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come wears a long black robe with a hood that conceals its head.

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