Dont give a fuck about your feelings

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dont give a fuck about your feelings

Who I Am by Pete Townshend

From the voice of a generation: The most highly anticipated autobiography of the year, and the story of a man who... is a Londoner and a Mod.... wanted The Who to be called The Hair.... loved The Everly Brothers, but not that drawling dope Elvis.... wanted to be a sculptor, a journalist, a dancer and a graphic designer.... became a musician, composer, librettist, fiction writer, literary editor, sailor.... smashed his first guitar onstage, in 1964, by accident.... heard the voice of God on a vibrating bed in rural Illinois.... invented the Marshall stack, feedback and the concept album.... once speared Abbie Hoffman in the neck with the head of his guitar.... inspired Jimi Hendrixs pyrotechnical stagecraft.... is partially deaf in his left ear.... stole his windmill guitar playing from Keith Richards.... followed Keith Moon off a hotel balcony into a pool and nearly died.... did too much cocaine and nearly died.... drank too much and nearly died.... detached from his body in an airplane, on LSD, and nearly died.... helped rescue Eric Clapton from heroin.... is banned for life from Holiday Inns.... was embroiled in a tabloid scandal that has dogged him ever since.... has some explaining to do.... is the most literary and literate musician of the last 50 years.... planned to write his memoir when he was 21.... published this book at 67.
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Olivia O'Brien - Fuck Feelings ( Lyrics)

Read more on Amazon. Sometimes life just really sucks and we cannot run away from it.
Pete Townshend

Give a crap. Donít give a fuck.

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Give a fuck about your feelings Give a fuck about your feelings Give a fuck about your feelings. Give a fuck about your feelings Who gives a fuck? Who gives a fuck? All of them niggas complaining Tough on the second I came in I done been through more shit, pour shit Sit the top, now I'm faded I don't give a fuck where a nigga been Where a nigga gone Or what kind of shit he been through Watch niggas ball, shit, I couldn't score I done sat up on a bench, too Now a nigga fly Fly jumping at the drive ride Haters see me when I hop out When a nigga did a state bid Was the only time I copped out I'm asking God questions, what we fighting for? A nigga lost his name, what you grind for? Rock bottom now going up Fuck slowing up, I'll drink yay Three hoes all four of us, I'm thinking yay Know some niggas at the bottom and they still in it Ask yourself, nigga, who really Give a fuck about your feelings Give a fuck about your feelings Give a fuck about your feelings Give a fuck about your feelings Who gives a fuck? You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial.

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