Movie about breaking the german code in wwii

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movie about breaking the german code in wwii

Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges

Alan Turing (1912-54) was a British mathematician who made history. His breaking of the German U-boat Enigma cipher in World War II ensured Allied-American control of the Atlantic. But Turings vision went far beyond the desperate wartime struggle. Already in the 1930s he had defined the concept of the universal machine, which underpins the computer revolution. In 1945 he was a pioneer of electronic computer design. But Turings true goal was the scientific understanding of the mind, brought out in the drama and wit of the famous Turing test for machine intelligence and in his prophecy for the twenty-first century.

Drawn in to the cockpit of world events and the forefront of technological innovation, Alan Turing was also an innocent and unpretentious gay man trying to live in a society that criminalized him. In 1952 he revealed his homosexuality and was forced to participate in a humiliating treatment program, and was ever after regarded as a security risk. His suicide in 1954 remains one of the many enigmas in an astonishing life story.
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The Enigma Machine Explained

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Andrew Hodges

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Who was Turing and what did he do that was so important? Alan Turing was a brilliant mathematician. Born in London in , he studied at both Cambridge and Princeton universities. In , Turing took up a full-time role at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire — where top secret work was carried out to decipher the military codes used by Germany and its allies. Although Polish mathematicians had worked out how to read Enigma messages and had shared this information with the British, the Germans increased its security at the outbreak of war by changing the cipher system daily.

The Imitation Game is a American historical drama film directed by Morten Tyldum and When Britain declares war on Germany in , Turing travels to Bletchley Park. .. where the Hut 8 team decides not to use broken codes to stop a German raid .. "Toronto sings Cumberbatch's praises as WWII code-breaker".
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The screenplay topped the annual Black List for best unproduced Hollywood scripts in It was released theatrically in the United States on 28 November The film was criticised by some for its inaccurate portrayal of historical events and for downplaying Turing's homosexuality. In , two policemen, Nock and Staehl, investigate the mathematician Alan Turing after an apparent break-in at his home. In , the young Turing is unhappy and bullied at boarding school.

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