What to do about rumors

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what to do about rumors

Rumors Quotes (121 quotes)

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Published 19.12.2018

Workplace Gossip - How To Stop Gossips And Rumors About You At Work

Gossip is Bad Form

Rumors are the spice of life; but rumors can have serious consequences for us. They can affect various aspects of our lives, including our personal, social, and professional life. Before we learn how to handle rumors, let us understand a little more about them. A rumor is the opposite of fact. A fact is verified piece of information supported by data whereas a rumor is an unverified piece of information, which is unsubstantiated by any data. Since rumors are not backed by any data, they are normally quite exaggerated pieces of information and can be far from truth.

Rumors can be damaging. Here's what to do when you're the target. Have you ever been in a situation where someone is spreading negativity about you in an effort to harm your reputation?
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Scientific research is suggesting that the old adage - "Don't dignify a rumor with a response" - is bad advice. The way rumors were handled in the most recent American elections seems to back up this new perspective. See Step 1 to find out. To stop a rumor, react in a calm way and take action to defend yourself. If the rumor makes you feel really angry, find a good friend to talk to in private about it so you can express your feelings. You should also tell your side of the story whenever you get a chance so everyone can see you standing up for yourself. For tips on how to confront someone who is spreading rumors about you, keep reading!

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