What did george washington say about common sense

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what did george washington say about common sense

George Washington Quotes (25 quotes)

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Published 14.12.2018

Thomas Paine's Tragic Downfall

Thomas Paine

Less than half the projected number of volunteers had enlisted in the Continental army with desertions mounting. George Washington was entrenched, but stalemated in Cambridge outside of Boston. Then something amazing happened. In forty-eight pages, Thomas Paine accomplished three things fundamental to America. He is the first to publically assert the only possible outcome of the rebellion is independence from Great Britain.

How Thomas Paine’s other pamphlet saved the Revolution

Thomas Paine was an England-born political philosopher and writer who supported revolutionary causes in America and Europe. Thomas Paine was born January 29, , in Norfolk, England, the son of a Quaker corset maker and his older Anglican wife. Three years later he did join the crew of the privateer ship King of Prussia , serving for one year during the Seven Years' War.

Common Sense was first published anonymously by Thomas Paine in January of and is regarded by many as the most important piece of writing of the American Revolution. Although descent among the colonists was growing over the British government's newly levied taxes and customs duties and the bloody battle at Concord, there was still talk of reconciliation among the colonists. However, Paine's convincing arguments against the monarchy and British domination spread like wildfire throughout the colonies and turned the public tide toward independence. General George Washington wrote to a friend in Massachusetts: "I find that Common Sense is working a powerful change there in the minds of many men. Few pamphlets have had so dramatic an effect on political events.

AS censure is but awkwardly softened by apology, I shall offer you no apology for this letter. There was a time when the fame of America, moral and political, stood fair and high in the world. Neither meanness nor ingratitude had then mingled itself into the composition of her character. Since that time new schemes of politics and new distinctions of parties, have arisen. The term Antifederalist has been applied to all those who combated the defects of that constitution, or opposed the measures of your administration.

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