Two opinions about a pop group

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two opinions about a pop group

Opinions Quotes (458 quotes)

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Published 18.12.2018

The Cars - Drive (Official Music Video)

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Coming second only to teeth sucking, J-pop is the one aspect of Japanese culture that Westerners love to hate. But does the music itself really suck?

However, especially in more recent years, the Doors have been subject of much reappraisal and opprobrium. After defining the art of the rock frontman every bit as influentially as Mick Jagger, Morrison has been subsequently blamed for every leering wannabe in leather trousers. However, love or loathe him, Morrison brought theatrical excitement to s rock and the Doors albums continue to sell in significant quantities. Penned by guitarist Robby Krieger, the single version of Light My Fire has undoubtedly been slightly dulled by radio ubiquity. The three-minute edit gave them an international number one and a standard that has been covered by everyone from Shirley Bassey to Will Young. Another from the first LP, The Crystal Ship has been variously interpreted as a farewell to a love affair specifically, with early sweetheart Mary Werbelow , a goodbye to the dying and a trip to an afterlife dimension also the theme of debut single Break on Through.

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  1. an opinion. [Extension: Groups ______-> explain your reasoning] Task Two. 1. Write two facts about a pop group. 2. Write two opinions about a pop group. 3.

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