Best book about reagan presidency

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best book about reagan presidency

Popular Ronald Reagan Books

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A Reagan Forum with Rich Little 3/6/2017

Craig Shirley: Author, Historian, Lecturer

Lists It Appears On:. Ronald Wilson Reagan, the first actor to be elected president, turned in the performance of a lifetime. But that performance concealed the complexities of the man, baffling most who came in contact with him. Who was the man behind the makeup? Only Lou Cannon, who covered Reagan through his political career, can tell us. The keenest Reagan-watcher of them all, he has been the only author to reveal the nature of a man both shrewd and oblivious.

Make Your Own List. Americans remember Reagan fondly, but what did the Gipper really stand for? The historian chooses the best books on Ronald Reagan and his time. Interview by Sophie Roell. Paul, Minnesota. Why do you think Ronald Reagan occupies such a warm place in so many American hearts?

After successful careers as a radio sports announcer, Hollywood movie actor, and television host, he turned to politics and was elected governor of California in , serving eight years. He ran unsuccessfully for President in and , but in , during a time of U. Bush and others and defeated President Jimmy Carter in the general election. From our Historical Presidency Series, Professor Thomas Blanton examines how the 40th president baffles his biographers. Grant Rutherford B. Hayes James A.

The historian chooses the best books on Ronald Reagan and his time. . began to end, in the later years of his presidency and he's closely associated with that.
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Flies should choose their walls carefully. No one can beat Woodward at getting the story of the White House from the inside, from the perspective of the decision makers as they saw themselves. He may be the sole practitioner of a form that occupies a space between journalism and history, one that tries to balance immediacy with detail. I read four on vacation in mid-August, then four more the next week, and then five more, and seven more. I learned a lot, even as I learned that not all palace intrigue is intriguing. Why did I do it? Was it to uncover how the presidency has changed since Watergate?

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  1. A ranking of all the best books about Ronald Reagan. A Commonplace Blog; Best Presidential Bios; Mandi Lindner; Presidents USA; The Washington Post.

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