I feel apathetic about my relationship

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i feel apathetic about my relationship

Apathy Quotes (274 quotes)

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Published 14.12.2018

Why We Get Stuck in Relationships - Attachment Trauma

Relationships commonly go through periods of apathy when both people settle into a comfortable routine.

Understanding and Solving Feelings of Apathy

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Relationships devoid of conflict are deadlier and unhealthier than the ones with obvious conflict. Truth is relationships without conflict are very rare. What are more common are relationships where there is the avoidance of conflict and apathy has set in. Apathy in a relationship is a state of indifference towards your partner. You suddenly realize you have become roommates instead of intimate partners.

What Exactly Causes Apathy?

Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. I'm 19 years old and have been with my boyfriend for nearly three years. When I met him at school he was teased about having no feelings as he never really responded to anything, regardless or whether it was happy, sad, angry, etc. Anyways, we became close friends and ended up getting together. A few months after this he revealed that he had been depressed, except instead of feeling characteristic sadness, he simply didn't feel anything.

A relationship can survive most things if both people involved in it are committed to the other person and act with respect toward the other. It can survive the death of our parents or the birth of a child. It can survive layoffs and career changes, of going back to school, or buying your first home together. It usually can even survive the wedding, one of the most stressful things adults go through in their lives. A relationship can survive angry tirades and arguments that span endless lonely days and nights.

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  1. However, occasionally my emotions would kind of shut down and I'd feel really apathetic towards my boyfriend; I would be convinced that I could leave him right .

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