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information about fox in english

Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour by Kate Fox

In WATCHING THE ENGLISH anthropologist Kate Fox takes a revealing look at the quirks, habits and foibles of the English people. She puts the English national character under her anthropological microscope, and finds a strange and fascinating culture, governed by complex sets of unspoken rules and byzantine codes of behaviour. The rules of weather-speak. The ironic-gnome rule. The reflex apology rule. The paranoid-pantomime rule. Class indicators and class anxiety tests. The money-talk taboo and many more ...Through a mixture of anthropological analysis and her own unorthodox experiments (using herself as a reluctant guinea-pig), Kate Fox discovers what these unwritten behaviour codes tell us about Englishness.
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Foxes for Kids - Animal Facts and Information Video

Foxy facts for children

Fox is an animal which can be found, both in jungle as well as in villages and cities, foxes can be easily seen near the farms or the agricultural field. It is a most common animal in European countries. Fox looks like a dog but has the characteristics like a cat. The actions of a fox such as hunting and climbing, all are very similar to cat. Foxes are fond of eating farm prey like cocks, hens and chickens from a poultry farm. Foxes are also known to store food; they store their food in dens or burry it in ground and eat them at regular intervals.

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Red fox , Vulpes vulpes , also called common fox , species of fox family Canidae found throughout Europe , temperate Asia , northern Africa , and North America. It has the largest natural distribution of any land mammal except human beings. First introduced to Australia in the 19th century, it has since established itself throughout much of the continent. Widely held as a symbol of animal cunning, the red fox is the subject of considerable folklore. In addition, red foxes are hunted for sport and for their fur and are raised commercially for pelts.

Supremely adaptable, foxes are equally at home in our countryside and towns and cities. The red fox is the largest of the 'true fox' species, of which 12 are recognised across the world. Fox dens can be holes in the ground or even spaces under structures like a garden shed. Foxes often have shades of grey on their fur, but this is not a sign of old age. With their red-brown fur, bushy tail and pointed ears, foxes are easily recognisable.

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