Manga about music and romance

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manga about music and romance

Music Related Shoujo Manga Shelf

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Best Music To Listen To While Reading! - Manga/Novel/... - Most Powerful Epic Music Mix! (TSFH)

The series was adapted into a audio drama in and an episode anime television series by Lerche in , which aired on Noitamina. A film sequel to the anime series produced by Blue Lynx is scheduled for release in

The Best Music Manga

Youth, music, and romance are a heady mix, and there are plenty of manga that revolve around the lives of musicians. Add to Bag. Nana Osaki is the singer in a Black Stones, a pretty good local punk band, and she and the bassist, Ren, are madly in love—until he leaves for Tokyo to take a spot in a bigger band. Nana Osaki goes to the big city too, but not to follow Ren—in fact, she deliberately avoids him as she focuses on building her own musical career. Like all good soap operas, Nana has a strong supporting cast, and the drama is so absorbing, I blazed through the first seven volumes in a day. While some four-panel gag manga fall kind of flat, K-ON! Chikage Deguchi peaked early—on graduation day from high school, when the dreamy Haru confesses his love for her.

Music manga is a genre in its own right, but it blends well with other genres like romance, slice of life, and more. Your Lie in April tells the painful story of a young .
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My Top 10 Romance Manga's

Check out these 8 underrated romance manga you need to read ASAP. There are not enough stories about hairdressers in competitions and falling in love with the rival! Unlike the three boys who do makeovers to girls at their school, Kiri just wants to not get attention. If you love demons falling in love with humans, get ready for the time of your life. Hana to Akuma tells the story of Vivi, the demon, and the human child he found outside his mansion.

Music has captured many of our hearts for centuries, and it dates all the way back to the classical era. These ten are sure to keep you entertained, so be sure to read all the way down to number one to see who brings home the music manga award! Seishun Pop! This band however is known to be very secretive and to this day, has yet to perform in front of a live audience. When an odd opportunity came his way to see his favorite idol live, he beamed with joy and excitement.

Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan. Serialization: Comic Bunch. Serialization: Cookie. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. Serialization: Shounen Magazine Monthly.

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