What are people saying about 13 reasons why

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what are people saying about 13 reasons why

Jay Asher Quotes (Author of Thirteen Reasons Why)

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Published 15.12.2018

The Cast of "13 Reasons Why" Speaks On Season 2

The third season of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why attempts to determine who killed shoving her nose into people's business for the purposes of gaining intel. She's even worse than Clay in this regard, and that is saying a LOT.

How Fans Reacted to ’13 Reasons Why’ Season 3

Sometimes a TV show should not continue beyond its first season. For indisputable proof, look no further than 13 Reasons Why , a Netflix drama about teen suicide that was controversial but often compelling in its first season, and should have ended immediately after that season concluded. Bryce Walker: Perhaps the least liked character on 13 Reasons Why. In a lot of ways, season three of 13 Reasons Why is a redemption tour for Bryce, played by Justin Prentice, who we learn via flashbacks was, prior to his death, trying to learn from his bad behavior and become a better person, albeit with mixed results. The Bryce through line allows the 13 Reasons Why showrunner, Pulitzer Prize—winner Brian Yorkey, and his writers to double down on what has been a theme in 13 Reasons all along: the idea that everyone is fighting a hard battle that may not be apparent on the surface. In season three, those battles affect multiple characters and involve almost every social issue that currently may affect the youth and non-youth of America: bullying, sexual assault, suicide, abortion, steroid abuse, the opioid crisis, gun violence, marginalization based on sexual identity, and the crackdown on illegal immigration.

Trigger Warning: This post contains language about sexual assault, suicidal ideation, gun violence, and substance use that some readers may find disturbing. The series, adapted from the book by Jay Asher, follows a group of students at Liberty High School as they grapple with issues including suicide, sexual assault, substance abuse, bullying, and more following the death of a classmate. Even before the premiere of season 3, 13RW had already announced a major plot point for the new season: that Bryce is dead, but nobody is sure who killed him. She is Kenyan by way of London. Word spreads that, after the recent homecoming football game — with Bryce playing for his new school, Hillcrest — Bryce disappeared.

Netflix added this introductory video to the series last year—just one of several updated content warnings the show incorporated after an outpouring of concern and critiques from viewers, parents, and mental health experts. But the warning creates a paradox. So who, precisely, is 13 Reasons Why for—and what, exactly, is it trying to tell them? Her suicide played out onscreen in uncommonly graphic detail , alarming experts who warned that such depictions could inspire copycats. Only this year did Netflix and 13 Reasons Why creator Brian Yorkey announce that the show had finally chosen to edit the most graphic details out of the scene. Meanwhile, in both its second season and its third, which premiered on Netflix Friday, 13 Reasons Why has broadened its scope.

The series revolves around seventeen-year-old high school student, Clay Jensen , and his deceased friend Hannah Baker , who takes her own life after having to face a culture of gossip, bullying and sexual assault at her high school and a lack of support from her friends, her family and her school. A box of cassette tapes recorded by Hannah in the weeks preceding her suicide detail why she chose to end her life.
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Sympathy for the devil

Based on the novel by Jay Asher, 13 Reasons Why is the story of high school student Hannah Baker and the circumstances that led her to end her life. The show has attracted a lot of controversy over the years for its depiction of mental illness, suicide, and sexual violence. After all, the show outlived its source material since Season 1 ended where the book concluded. Some fans believe that the show should have ended after Season 1, while critics of the show think that it should have ended in the developmental stages. Either way, 13 Reasons Why Season 3 is here to stay and Season 4 is on its way. No matter how fans felt about the show as a whole, it seems as though the 13 Reasons Why fandom is agreed on one thing: Everyone hates the new student, Ani Achola. The character irritated fans with her intrusive nature and tendency to be a rape apologist.


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