How do i find what i am passionate about

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how do i find what i am passionate about

Quote by bh: “I am passionate about everything in my life--fi...”

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Published 14.12.2018

What are you passionate about ? - Best Answer - Example - Interview Question and Answer

Seven Steps to Finding What You’re Truly Passionate About

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"You don't have to be great at something to be passionate about it. "If you can't imagine not doing something, it's a passion. It doesn't have to.
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Why Is This An Interview Question?

Mike Simpson 0 Comments. Has there ever been something you do that you look forward to with absolute and unbridled enthusiasm? Think back to childhood and how you felt on Christmas Eve, laying in bed trying desperately to fall asleep but knowing it was almost impossible because you were looking forward to the next day so much…. Is there anything in your life that gives you that same electric tingle? What gets you up in the morning and motivates you to get through the week? Do you have any hobbies?

About a week ago, I wrote an article concerning ten ways to turn your passion into additional income. Instead, you have to find it, and that can be an amazing journey in and of itself. Are you eating well? Is your diet basically healthy, meaning do you get plenty of vegetables and fruits? Are you not eating too much fat?

You also want to be honest — interviewers can spot a canned answer easily. Employers ask about your passions for a number of reasons. This question helps the employer see that you're a well-rounded person, with a life outside of the office. While your passion does not have to be related to the work you will be doing at the company, your answer will show the hiring manager whether you are a committed person who follows through with what you believe in. This is an important quality for almost any job. Before the interview, prepare by picking a passion that you will bring up if you get asked this question. Select something that genuinely excites you.

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