Interesting facts about simon bolivar

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interesting facts about simon bolivar

Simon Bolivar: A Life by John Lynch

Simon Bolivar was a revolutionary who freed six countries, an intellectual who argued the principles of national liberation, and a general who fought a cruel colonial war. His life, passions, battles, and great victories became embedded in Spanish American culture almost as soon as they happened. This is the first major English-language biography of “The Liberator” in half a century. John Lynch draws on extensive research on the man and his era to tell Bolivar’s story, to understand his life in the context of his own society and times, and to explore his remarkable and enduring legacy.

The book illuminates the inner world of Bolivar, the dynamics of his leadership, his power to command, and his modes of ruling the diverse peoples of Spanish America. The key to his greatness, Lynch concludes, was supreme will power and an ability to inspire people to follow him beyond their immediate interests, in some cases through years of unremitting struggle. Encompassing Bolivar’s entire life and his many accomplishments, this is the definitive account of a towering figure in the history of the Western hemisphere.  

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Biografia de Simon Bolivar El Libertador

Known as El Libertador (The Liberator), Simon Bolivar was a Venezuelan military and political leader who is renowned for playing the leading role in many Latin American countries achieving independence. Know about the family, life, military career and death of Simon Bolivar.
John Lynch

Biography Newsletter

After France invaded Spain in , he became involved in the resistance movement and played a key role in the Spanish American fight for independence. In , the "Republic of Bolivia" was created in honor of the inspirational leader, hailed by many as El Libertador The Liberator. He died on December 17, in Colombia. The fight for control of Caracas, Venezuela and most of South American continued on back home. There he wrote his famous "Letter From Jamaica," detailing his vision of a South American republic with a parliamentary setup modeled after England and a life-long president.

30 Interesting And Fascinating Facts About Simon Bolivar

Called the Liberator, he was the greatest military figure of South America. His parents belonged to the aristocratic upper class, the Creoles. Orphaned at the age of 9, the boy early showed traits of independence and a strong will. Sent to Madrid in to complete his education, he came under the tutelage of an uncle who secured the proper instruction for the young aristocrat, which included his acquaintance with the decadent court of Charles IV and some of the noble families of Madrid. In the couple went to Caracas, where after only 6 months of wedded life the young wife died. Expressions of unrest and rebellion already existed in Hispanic America, but it was not until that the independence movement disturbed the solid structure of the Spanish Empire.

Simon Bolivar was a Venezuelan military and political leader who played a leading role in the establishment of Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Panama as sovereign states, independent of Spanish rule. Take a look below for 30 more interesting and fascinating facts about Simon Bolivar. Bolivar was born into a wealthy, aristocratic Creole family and, as was common for the heirs of upper-class families in his day, was sent to be educated abroad at a young age, arriving in Spain when he was 16 years old. While in Europe, he was introduced to the ideas of the Enlightenment, which later motivated him to overthrow the reigning Spanish in colonial South America. Taking advantage of the disorder in Spain prompted by the Peninsular War, Bolivar began his campaign for independence in , appealing to the wealthy Creole population through a conservative process. Bolivar participated in the foundation of the first union of independent nations in Latin America, Gran Colombia, of which he was president from to

He was president of Gran Colombia —30 and dictator of Peru — The country of Bolivia is named for him. He established one—Bolivia—in the region formerly known as Upper Peru The results were inconclusive. His father died when the boy was three years old, and his mother died six years later, after which his uncle administered his inheritance and provided him with tutors. For three years he lived in Spain , and in he married the daughter of a Spanish nobleman, with whom he returned to Caracas. The young bride died of yellow fever less than a year after their marriage.

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