Different is better than better

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different is better than better

Better Than Normal: How What Makes You Different Can Make You Exceptional by Dale Archer

A New York Times Bestseller

A groundbreaking new view of human psychology that shows how eight key traits of human behavior—long perceived as liabilities—can be important hidden strengths.

What if the inattentiveness that makes school or work a challenge holds the secret to your future as an entrepreneur? What if the shyness in groups that you hate is the source of deep compassion for others? What if the anxiety and nervousness you often feel can actually help energize you? What if the mood swings you sometimes experience can
be the source of tremendous creativity?

Renowned psychiatrist and popular on-air personality Dr. Dale Archer believes that labels for behavior like “ADHD,” “bipolar,” and “OCD” are normal human qualities—and contends that we all experience these and other psychological traits to some extent, yet fail to leverage the significant advantages they can offer. Worse, we stigmatize one another for these prevalent, widely shared aspects of our personalities.

In Better Than Normal, Dr. Archer offers an empowering framework for redefining what constitutes mental health. Drawing on his twenty years of clinical experience, he describes eight traits of human behavior—heretofore known
only as psychiatric diagnoses. Each of these occurs along a continuum rather than as a simple on-off switch (where “off ” means we’re fine, and “on” means we’ve got a problem). These are the aspects of our personality that we worry about the most, but these are also the very things that make us distinctive and different.

According to Dr. Archer, each of us has a unique personality that emerges from our hardwired genetics and individual life experiences. With Better Than Normal, you can map your individual characteristics by taking the eight trait
self-assessment quiz and see how what makes you different can indeed make you exceptional. Filled with engaging anecdotes and practical tools to help you capitalize on your unique characteristics, Better Than Normal offers a new and liberating way to look at ourselves and others.
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Published 24.12.2018

Different is Better than Better

The fascination advantage: ‘Different’ is better than ‘better’

It was a great evening with Nic Cary co-founder of Blockchain , Viv Diwakar co-founder of Impala , and Iain Stewart Bitcoin researcher at Imperial College — and with quite diverse views on Blockchain, which was excellent. A simple example would be for example the generalist challenger banks that compete with the high street banks by offering a nicer mobile interface, lower fees, and benefit from a lower cost base through newer technology and less physical infrastructure. An example of that was for example peer-to-peer lending a few years ago, that was a real product innovation, and was made possible by the growing popularity of the marketplace mindset. By definition, Better means competition with an existing service. The pro is that there is already a demand, the con is that there is competition from large established players. This is a model that I find very interesting , but is nonetheless much more challenging than most people realise.

A few years ago, our company put on a conference called Authority Rainmaker , which was headlined by some pretty hefty names in the internet marketing space: Chris Brogan, Daniel Pink, and Henry Rollins. Yes, the Henry Rollins—lead singer of seminal punk pioneers, Black Flag. One of our other keynote speakers was a woman named Sally Hogshead —a world-class branding expert who has discovered a new way to measure how people perceive our communication.
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But for all its unifying powers, how should your brand also make your company different? Standing out is not a bad thing, especially if you can make your brand singular and memorable. Below, I dive into some of the key aspects of powerful, unique branding. A funny thing about branding: you ask five people for definitions and you get seven different answers. Notice that he personalizes this, as he should. Brands are personal and companies and people have them.

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  1. We grew up with a myth. The myth says: Work hard to be “better.” Better than everyone else. Better than the other students in our classroom.

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