Ulysses s grant drinking problem

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ulysses s grant drinking problem

General Ulysses S. Grant: The Soldier and the Man by Edward G. Longacre

In this new biography of General Ulysses S. Grant, acclaimed Civil War historian, Edward G. Longacre, examines Grants early life and his military career for insights into his great battlefield successes as well as his personal misfortunes. Longacre concentrates on Grants boyhood and early married life; his moral, ethical, and religious views; his troubled military career; his strained relationships with wartime superiors; and, especially, his weakness for alcohol, which exerted a major influence on both his military and civilian careers. Longacre, to a degree that no other historian has done before, investigates Grants alcoholism in light of his devout religious affiliations, and the role these sometimes conflicting forces had on his military career and conduct. Longacres conclusions present a new and surprising perspective on the ever-fascinating life of General Grant.
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This author is challenging what we know about Ulysses Grant and the Civil War

Ulysses S. Grant, famous American Civil War General and the 18th president of the United States, led a very full life in many ways. But are the.
Edward G. Longacre

Was Grant a Drunk?

Ulysses S. Grant has often been portrayed in textbooks and popular histories as an alcoholic, a drunkard, or at the very least someone who enjoyed a good drink from time to time. It may be safe to say that there is no other figure in U. Readers of Grant scholarship should proceed with caution, however. One quickly learns that the available evidence is limited and contradictory.

Hundreds of historians and biographers have written biographies and historical accounts about the life of Ulysses S. Grant and his performance in military and presidential affairs. Very few presidential reputations have shifted as dramatically as Grant's. From the time Grant was hailed across the North as the winning general in the American Civil War his military reputation has held up fairly well. He was roundly credited as the General who "saved the Union," and although he has been the subject of some criticism over the years, this reputation largely stands intact. His presidential reputation has not always fared so well. Although his nomination as president of the United States in was considered "a foregone conclusion" and he easily won the election, his reputation as president began to suffer with congressional investigations into corruption in his administration.

For that matter, did he really drink that much more that the average man of the nineteenth century? His alcohol consumption became so uncontrollable that it led to his financial ruin and premature death. Eventually, through hard work and good business sense, Jesse became successful, and married Hannah Simpson in On April 27, , not long after the couple settled in Ohio, their first son, Ulysses, was born. Both were stern and intolerant of those who were not willing to work hard and stay sober. Driven by his belief in hard work and desire to see his son succeed—and no doubt impressed with the austerity of a military education—Jesse Grant procured an appointment to the United States Military Academy for Ulysses. At West Point, Grant received passing grades but did not revel in the Spartan military lifestyle.

Allegations of drinking, whether true, exaggerated or false, have students and public alike is, "Was Ulysses S. Grant a drunk?' only resolved the alcoholism threat it made him a better decision maker and general.
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1. The “S” in Grant’s name didn’t stand for anything.

This is a revised version of a paper read at the Organization of American Historians annual meeting at Philadelphia, April Who was Ulysses S. After more than a century of scrutiny at the hands of historians, journalists and biographers, Grant is as elusive today as he was during his lifetime. That his contemporaries did not know him was noted by Bruce Catton. Grant during the Civil War felt that there was something mysterious about him," said Catton.

Edward G. Grant: The Soldier and the Man. He lives in Newport News, Virginia. Since rising to prominence early in the Civil War, Ulysses S. Grant has been the subject of a sometimes contentious and often overheated debate as to the extent of his liquor consumption, and the effect it exerted on his career. That Grant drank occasionally while on duty is a matter of record, as is the fact that on more than a few occasions he drank until intoxicated, stuporous , and violently ill.

After spending a decade in the army and serving with distinction in the Mexican-American War, Grant resigned his post in and spent the next seven years flopping as a farmer, real estate agent and rent collector. He once had to eke out a living by selling firewood on St. Grant would later try his hand at business a second time after he left the White House, with equally disastrous results. A financial firm he started with his son and a man named Ferdinand Ward went belly up after Ward fleeced its investors, and by , Grant was bankrupt. It was only after the posthumous publication of his memoirs that his fortune was restored.

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