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we believe in happy endings disney

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay

This book is actually dangerous. I cant remember ever having said that about a text?

I read thirty pages of it, before having to shut it and run far away.

Every single copy of it should come with a huge trigger warning for ableism, fatphobia, and victim blaming of every variety.

Louise Hay claims two things that are odious:
1. All illnesses - including cancer - are caused by negative thinking, and not loving yourself enough. Thus, all illness can be cured by positive thinking, and self-love. She claims one of her patients fixed her poor eye sight by dealing with a childhood trauma.
2. Everyone chooses their parents, and our energy attracts people. So those who have bad energy, and dont love themselves enough, attract abusers, rapists, and financial poverty.

What more can be said about this book, than those two main points?

Actually, a few more things can be said. Louise Hay came to fame during, and because of, the onset of the AIDS crisis in the United States. She takes beautiful, enriching concepts such as self-love, affirmation and forgiveness, and then tells people their illnesses are a result of not doing these things well enough. The word charlatan comes to mind. Also, immoral.

I absolutely believe in the mind body connection, that our mental health affects our bodily health, and that our mental states can lead us to greater or poorer physical well being. But to take such a giant leap, to claim (without any evidence except self-serving anecdotes) that you can cure cancer by loving yourself more? That people who are poor are just attracting bad energy, and dont love themselves enough?

Oh, also, were you aware that fat thighs are caused by anger toward ones father?

She takes excellent, inspiring concepts - self-love, forgiveness, compassion, and adjusting ones negative self talk - and coats it all in a big repulsive swath of victim-blaming and willful ignorance about biology, anatomy and medicine.

My heart hurts for people who read this text and love it. It is full of great concepts that are overshadowed by Hays belief that if one can control the mind, one can control the body. Even Buddhist monks know that you cant eliminate pain, that you can only be mindful of it, and be mindful through it. Louise Hay seems to think she can eliminate all pain and illness with mindfulness and self-love, which is a fantasy. Life is more complex than that - we can use self-love and affirmation to get through illness, but to think that we can eliminate pain by sheer force of will is setting ourselves up for failure, disappointment, and were left blaming ourselves for not being able to sufficiently heal our bodies perfectly and completely with self-love. Bodies are incurably fallible, they cannot be perfectly healed - none of us get out of here alive. Self-love is important, but equally so is tenderness and acceptance toward our own mortality, and fallibility. Louise Hay sells the idea that positive thinking and self-love can help us get around this truth. But we cant get around the truth of our own mortality - we can only get through it, with self-love and affirmation.

This book is repulsive. I cant wait to take it back to the library and get it out of my house.
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Aubry Rodriguez - We Believe In Happy Endings

If Disney Movies Were Real They Wouldn't Always Have Happy Endings

Disney brings me and countless others an immense amount of happiness by making it possible to escape reality and step into a world of magic, wonder and happy ever afters. Growing up watching Disney movies taught me valuable life lessons that shaped me into the person I am today. I learned the importance of believing in myself even when no one else did. I learned that nothing is more beautiful than having a kind heart. I learned that good people always come out on top and that allowed me to believe in the kindness of others.

So many people have complained over the years that Disney needs to stop doing a happy ending in each of their movies, for various reasons. Not every dreamy guy is a prince, not every mother is kind. I never met a kid that truly believed in thinking everything was gonna be okay all the time, let alone an adult and especially not because a Disney film said so. See, what comes after a harsh incident? We learn to deal with it. We learn to cope. But if it just stopped at the ending, what good will it teach kids?

Tweet about this Share this on Facebook. Courtney wants to know whether films should be realistic or escapist and why audiences need for things to end optimistically. Furthermore, we have no one to blame but ourselves. But what I want to know is why? Although, the whole experience is romantic… First, we see the trailer — let it flirt with us and tease, falling in love with the actors in their new roles. Next, we mark its release date in our phones and diaries, followed by the organising of a cinema trip.

Artistic integrity is important

Disney movies have taught us a lot of valuable life lessons that helped shape our personalities since our early childhoods, they taught us how to be strong and to stand up for what we believe in. But since these movies' main goal is to entertain us, the creators purposely gave them happy endings, and that's one of the lessons Disney was never able to teach us. Whilst the world is beautiful, it can be a cruel place and those happy endings won't always occur, that's why people need to always be ready to deal with the unpredictable side of life. Funny Animals News Interesting. Contact Us Log In. Mulan dealing with China's pollution.

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