Restore kindle touch to factory settings

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restore kindle touch to factory settings

Amazon Kindle - Device Related: CANT RESET, IT IS JUST FROZEN Showing 1-10 of 10

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Published 22.12.2018

Amazon Kindle Reset, Frozen screen, problems. Easy FIX!

How to Factory Reset Your Kindle Before Selling or Giving It Away

Password Notices Tip Got Facebook? Hi everyone have had a search and can't find any thread about this issue, and Amazon Support has been very unhelpful, so I'm posting here now as a last try. Downloaded content started to randomly vanish from the kindle, I couldn't download new content, or delete already downloaded content. It's as if the kindle's memory has frozen in time and won't remember any changes. Resetting does not work, and tried all the methods I could find by googling including manually deleting content via USB and wiping the kindle drive via USB. It is somehow strangely impervious to any attempts to reset it. Whenever I content amazon I get hopeless staff who tell me to download and install the latest update.

When an error occurs on your Amazon Kindle e-reader or Kindle Fire tablet, there are multiple ways to fix it, depending on the problem. A soft reset turns the Kindle off and on again, and may solve minor issues. A hard reset restarts the Kindle if it's unresponsive. A factory reset may remedy more serious issues by restoring your Kindle to factory settings, but it should always be the last resort: performing a factory reset on any Kindle model will completely erase your content and disconnect the device from your Amazon account. Open your Kindle's Menu while on the Home screen. Do so by pressing the Menu button, or the onscreen Menu icon for Kindle Paperwhite owners.

If your Kindle becomes unresponsive or begins to have frequent problems, you can troubleshoot it by trying a reset. A standard, soft reset will solve most issues, but you can also reset the device to factory settings hard reset for a more permanent solution. Luckily, for each Kindle, there are a few simple steps that need to be taken in order to restore your Kindle to its proper functioning. Try a simple restart to see if that fixes the problem. Turn on the Kindle.

Like any device that runs software, however, it may occasionally become unresponsive, sluggish or unable to act the way that it should. In instances like these, resetting your Kindle could set things right.
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How to perform a hard restart your Amazon Kindle

The Kindle's reset feature enables you to return your e-book reader to its original factory setting in the event of a problem. The feature resolves problems including business and other e-books not opening, the device freezing and not operating properly and not being able to access your Amazon account. Resetting your Kindle erases any e-books, digital magazines and personal settings you have stored on the e-book reader. You'll lose your personal settings and you'll have to create those over again. Your digital content will all be erased, but you won't lose it; all you need to do is reregister your Kindle to your Amazon account to get your content back. Reset your Kindle only as a last resort since this process erases everything you downloaded and installed on the device as well as your Amazon account information. If you ever forget your Kindle password, you must reset the e-book reader.

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  1. Resetting your device removes all the content downloaded to the device and you will have to register it again.

  2. How to reset any Kindle e-reader 3rd generation or newer. Menu again, and then select Reset Device (newer generation devices) or Reset to Factory Defaults .

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