Examples of patience in school

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examples of patience in school

Patience Quotes (1421 quotes)

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Published 22.12.2018

The Marshmallow Test

Use Classroom Management to Build Patience

Imagine a young man who tries to make a grilled cheese sandwich on his own for the first time. He gets all of the ingredients. He gets out the pan and puts it on the stove. His problem, as you can see, was a combination of ignorance which is excusable and impatience which, though understandable, is less excusable. The medium setting on a stove is perfect for grilled cheese and many other dishes because it allows food to be cooked through without being overdone on the outside.

One of the most important classroom management qualities a teacher can possess is patience. Patience is a virtue, and teachers must have it in order to be effective. So how can you handle these pet peeves and build up a tolerance to be a patient teacher? Here are a few classroom management tips. The first thing that you can do is to create a learning environment where everyone including yourself feels comfortable to share his feelings.

From baby to toddler, a child is naturally impatient at times.
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1. Start small, start short


Let's face it: No one likes to wait — least of all active preschoolers who haven't yet learned why patience matters. Nor have they developed the coping skills to be able to wait successfully. Still, teaching your child patience is important. She'll need it to be successful in school and in life. It's tough to say how patient you can expect your child to be at each age.

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  1. Patience. Image of the Patience Teacher Pack Patience is “waiting without getting upset.” Some Can you name five specific examples from school or home?.

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