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a womans face ingrid bergman

Face to Face: A Film by Ingmar Bergman

Fore inspelningen av sin TV-serie Ansikte mot ansikte riktade sig Ingmar Bergman med bland annat foljande ord till sina skadespelare:

Vi ska nu gora en film som pa satt och vis handlar om ett misslyckat sjalvmordsforsok. Egentligen ror det sig (som vanligt holl jag pa att skriva) om Livet, Karleken och Doden... Om nagon arlig person arligt skulle fraga mig varfor jag arligt talat har skrivit den har filmen, skulle jag arligt svarat inte kunna ge ett entydigt svar. Jag tror att jag ganska lange har levat med en kanslan som inte har haft nagon pataglig orsak... En annan manskas livsode kom till hjalp, jag kunde finna overensstammelser mellan hennes upplevelser och mina egna, med den skillnaden att hennes situation var tydligare och mycket smartsammare, mer uttalad. Pa sa satt borjade huvudpersonen i var film ta gestalt: en valanpassad duglig och disciplinerad manska, en valmeriterad yrkeskvinna i karriaren, bra gift med en begavad kollega och omgiven av det som kallas livets goda. Det ar denna utomordentliga karaktars chockartat snabba sammanbrott och plagsamma aterfodelse som jag har forsokt beskriva.
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A Woman Called Golda 1982 Ingrid Bergman Part 1 w Hebrew subtitles

A Woman's Face (Swedish: En kvinnas ansikte) is a Swedish drama film directed by Gustaf Molander, based on the play Il etait une fois by Francis de Croisset. The cast includes Ingrid Bergman in the lead as a woman criminal with a.
Ingmar Bergman

Ingrid Bergman: Anna Holm, aka Anna Paulsson

Read the other posts for this event HERE! Anna Holm, an embittered woman with a disfigured face, blackmails women who cheat on their husbands. The operation is successful, but Anna is still mired in criminal schemes. In her new life, she becomes less bitter and hard. But her old gang and their client are still determined to see the boy dead and collect their share of the inheritance.

It tells the story of Anna Holm, a facially disfigured blackmailer , who because of her appearance, despises everyone she encounters. When a plastic surgeon corrects this disfigurement, Anna becomes torn between the hope of starting a new life and a return to her dark past. Another version of the story, a Swedish production, was filmed in as En Kvinnas Ansikte , starring Ingrid Bergman. Advertising for the film appears in a photograph by Robert Frank. One of the images of Crawford used in the advertising later was included in the album artwork for The Rolling Stones album Exile on Main St. Set in Sweden, the film is shown in flashbacks in the course of a trial in which a young woman with a half-hidden face, Anna Holm, is charged with murder. The events, as described by the witnesses, begin years before when aristocrat Torsten Barring hosts a party at a tavern.

A chance to discover rare works by a beloved actress, this series looks beyond Bergman's Hollywood fame to consider her work across the Atlantic, from her early years in Sweden to her work with Roberto Rossellini and that other Bergman, Ingmar. Ingmar Bergman Sweden, A Chopin prelude triggers a long-delayed confrontation between concert pianist Bergman and her aggrieved daughter Liv Ullmann in Ingmar Bergman's intense and penetrating chamber piece. Roberto Rossellini Italy, Bergman and George Sanders are a quarrelling couple traveling through Italy to Naples in Rossellini's extraordinary drama, a key link between neorealism and the subjective cinema of the early sixties. Bergman plays a bourgeois wife called to an unconventional kind of sainthood in Rossellini's moving study of postwar society and its ethical rootlessness. Roberto Rossellini sets the interior drama of Bergman's character, a Lithuanian refugee married to an Italian fisherman, amid the drama of nature on a volcanic island.

A Woman's Face is a American film noir directed by George Cukor and starring Joan Another version of the story, a Swedish production, was filmed in as En Kvinnas Ansikte, starring Ingrid Bergman. Advertising for the film.
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Sign in. Anna Holm, aka Anna Paulsson : Doesn't she have everything a woman wants? Isn't she admired, loved, adored? Wasn't she beautiful? Anna Holm, aka Anna Paulsson : Don't be frightened. I'm not quite as dangerous as I look. Anna Holm, aka Anna Paulsson : What's it to you?

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  1. Apr 10, In this dramatic thriller, Ingrid Bergman takes on an uncharacteristically vicious role as Anna, a bitter, nefarious blackmailer with a disfigured face. Gustaf Molander directs, meticulously hiding and revealing Bergman’s features as necessary. Joan Crawford would star in the.

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