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what is my immortal about

My Immortal by Tara Gilesbie

Enoby, a self-proclaimed goth and a vampire, falls in love with another vampire who goes by the name of Satan. However, their relationship is not all its cracked up to be...

The story follows Ebony Way as she forms a romantic attachment to Draco Malfoy (an elegant Goth in this story), in spite of her concern that he has had a relationship with Harry Vampire Potter and may still be interested in him. Voldemort, claiming to know of Ebonys relationship with Draco through telekinesis, commands her to kill Harry. Various people including Hagrid and someone called Snaketail confess that they love Ebony, while Snape and Remus are pedofiles who take pictures of her. Ebony begins to have precognitive visions, which are later verified. Prof. Sinister tells Ebony that if Voldemort had ever had people who loved him he would not have become evil, so Ebonys task is to go back in time and seduce him.

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Almost COULDN'T HANDLE This!! - EVANESCENCE - "My Immortal" (REACTION!!)

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Tara Gilesbie

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Lyrics submitted by cailin , edited by PaulieTheSlide. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Log in. Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - E. My Immortal is found on the album Fallen.

The fanfiction became infamous within the Harry Potter fandom for its poor writing and bizarre plot. My Immortal was originally published in serial instalments on the website FanFiction. The work soon gained notoriety within Harry Potter fandom due to its plot, characterisation, and writing. Readers recall the story receiving between comments per chapter in its initial posting. The story was removed from FanFiction.

It was released by Wind-up Records on December 8, , as the third single from the album. An alternative version appears on the band's fourth studio album Synthesis Various versions of "My Immortal" were recorded; one of them was included on the demo album Origin and another on the EP release Mystary The version originally appearing on Origin was later included on Fallen , featuring piano with backing strings. The version of the song released as a single was dubbed the "band version" because of the complete band's performance of the bridge and final chorus of the song.


For the music video for this song, see: My Immortal music video. It was released on December 8, as the third single from their debut studio album Fallen. The song was entirely written by former guitarist Ben Moody , with the exception of the bridge , which was later added by Amy Lee , and it was produced by Dave Fortman. The version placed on Origin was later included on their first studio album Fallen. The single version of the song was called "band version" because of the additional band performing the bridge and final chorus of the song. Ben Moody was inspired to write it by a previous story that happened to him. Lyrically, it talks about "a spirit staying with you after its death and haunting you until you actually wish that the spirit were gone because it won't leave you alone.


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  1. "My Immortal" is a song by American rock band Evanescence from their debut studio album, Fallen (). It was released by Wind-up Records on December 8 .

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