How to think straight about psychology chapter summary

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how to think straight about psychology chapter summary

How to Think Straight about Psychology by Keith E. Stanovich

Keith Stanovichs widely used and highly acclaimed book helps students become more discriminating consumers of psychological information, helping them recognize pseudoscience and be able to distinguish it from true psychological research. Stanovich helps instructors teach critical thinking skills within the rich context of psychology. It is the leading text of its kind. How to Think Straight About Psychology says about the discipline of psychology what many instructors would like to say but havent found a way to. That is one reason adopters have called it an instructors dream text and often comment I wish I had written it. It tells my students just what I want them to hear about psychology.
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How to Think Straight About Psychology, 10th Edition

Keith E. Stanovich, PhD. Introductory courses in psychology, critical thinking, statistics, and research methodology often use this text, currently in its tenth edition How to Think Straight, n. That is to say, to many people, the field of psychology is not a real science, but a pseudo-science instead. To think straight about psychology, then, is to understand that the field is, indeed, based on the scientific method, as are other sciences.

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The first chapter begins with where we all hate to begin, but we must: The Freud problem. Freud still casts a long shadow on the popular definition of psychology, even as modern scientific psychologists have long moved on. Psychology is diverse Psychology includes many many subfields, from social psychology to cognitive psychology, from vision science to psychology and law. My favorite example of this is that the APA has both a division of peace psychology Division 48 and a division of military psychology Division Many outside the discipline point out that this seems like un-disciplinary chaos, with no single unifying paradigm, or principle, or whatever you want to call it. Lack of Unity is not a problem While a single unifying theory like, say, evolution does not exist in psychology, this does not necessarily stop progress in the science of psychology. Chemistry includes biochemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic and organic, which communicate as little.

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