What is the song california dreamin about

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what is the song california dreamin about

California Dreamin by Penelope Bagieu

This is originally in French which is funny considering that Cass Elliot and the Mamas and the Papas were American. I am a huge fan of Cass and the Mamas & Papas. I enjoy listening to them all the time. Yet, I still did not know their story. To me they were this successful group and for some reason I never wondered how they became.

This is a fascinating behind the scenes before they were famous story of Cass Elliot. Cass was an amazing person. I wonder where Penelope did and received all her research. I bet it was from the family.

Cass had the pipes, but she also had that star quality and she also had a will to be there. The group was originally the other 3 and the guy who put it together didn’t want Cass, but she followed them around and wouldn’t leave them alone. Cass was instrumental for California Dreamin to be a hit and to keep ‘the Journeymen’ from being a forgotten folk group.

Cass was in the flower power generation and she did the drugs and sex thing. Cass was also a big girl, but that didn’t stop her from expressing herself and being out there. She took her lumps, sure, but she was a strong person.

It’s always interesting how people who make it have this fierceness inside them that no one seems to be able to stop. That’s way they make it. I want to learn to have that quality.

This is a long book and a great book. I really enjoyed reading it. The art is black and white and it’s well done. I hope to read more biographies of people in this form. It’s quick and you get to know a lot about the person. I’m still a fan.
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Scala & Kolacny Brothers - California Dreamin'

California Dreamin'

Play "California Dreamin'" on Amazon Music. Its all about the fun times of California and them having fun most of the time. Sometimes its bad sometimes its good,. This story could have taken place anywhere: New York, Washington, D. A native Californian man has been lured by the quickened love and infatuation, and what he thought to be the love of a woman who vacationed in Los Angeles California.

We asked YOU what you think California's state rock song should be. Like almost every song, there's a story behind "California Dreamin," but this one is pretty unique. Two years later, the band was living in L. They'd cut one single, but it went nowhere, so John Phillips was pitching songs to other artists, and he managed to get "California Dreamin'" to a guy named Barry McGuire. He was a former folk singer, and a member of a fresh-faced group called The New Christy Minstrels, who'd gone sorta hippy, and had a hit with a protest song:.

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Add Genre. Add Styles. Add Moods. Add Themes. What a '60s dream! Well, it certainly came true, and not just for the members of the Mamas, but for a lot of people who first heard the song back in the winter of One of the first records that the group ever cut, the song was actually first recorded by Barry McGuire -- utilizing the same track sans Bud Shank's elegant flute solo -- and was slated to be the follow-up to his hit "Eve of Destruction" until Denny Doherty gave the vocal a shot.

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  1. California Dreamin' by The Mamas & the Papas song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position.

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