Good topics to rant about

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good topics to rant about

Teens rock! - Tell me..: Rant on things you hate! Showing 1-50 of 64

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Published 14.12.2018

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10 Things Im Pissed Off About A Rant About Everything

A good rant can be interesting to hear. Rants can get your points across in appealing ways. Non-biased, right or left, rants are personal and may leave some information being said debatable. The very point of creating a rant is to get attention in the writing itself. Being very different to most of the other non-fiction writing, it can be used as a style to create interesting points in sentences and paragraphs. Why have I not done a rant article?

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I want a do-over. My Whimsical Wedding The Bridesmaids. The asshat that rear ended my car while driving uninsured He was.

Yeah thats right, I created a doomed topic. Full of ranting about the things that annoy you. Your pet peeves. I'll start. When someone knocks on the door multiple times as if it increases their chances of me giving a care. One knock is enough but when they start playing a whole song on my door I just start to hate the person even if I know them. Alarm clock.

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